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Our Products

DATAROCKET Guide provides full transparency on your entire data governance organization. Transform your business organization into a virtual governance organization, and define company-wide standards from systems all the way to field level.

DATAROCKET Core is a multi-domain data management software that aggregates and cleanses data. Its intuitive interface enables customization of workflows and provides lasting support for improved data quality across the enterprise.

DATAROCKET Shuttle is a one-stop service portal for incoming and outgoing data streams. Define your own processes, requirements and data quality checks to accept incoming data e.g. from your supplier before processing them inside your company.

DATAROCKET Application offers consulting for implementation of requirements.
The DATAROCKET team encourages Training and Coaching.

DATAROCKET Strategy gives support building a Governance Organization, creating Data Quality Frameworks and to reach Business and IT-Alignment.

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About us

Since 2013 we successfully supported numerous companies in their digital transformation. Our data management solutions empower our customers to drive the shift towards data-driven companies and boost their competitive advantage.

Focussing on data as an asset our customers increase their productivity and reduce costs. Our expertise in data management is reflected in our lean and advanced software solutions. We also offer strategy workshops and advisory services for master data management and data

Our team based in Berlin, Germany consists of solution-oriented engineers with in-depth technical
understanding. We are united by the affinity for data - as the basis for our daily work and the search for the ideal solutions together with our customers.

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